On Travel.


Thoughts on Leaving.  January, 2014

When the plane takes off my body was covered with goosebumps.  There’s no going back now.  In front of me, another world is waiting.  Behind me, everything I know.  “Often one goes for one thing and finds another.”  My search for this journey: to learn to be alone.

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10 Things You Should Probably Not Do in Spain.


I mean, do what you want.  But I already tried it and it didn’t turn out so great. J-walk.  You know when you’re in California and you see the crosswalk like 10 feet away and you’re like…”Yeah that’s way too far, I’m just gonna do me.”  Well, do that in Spain and it’s like an unspoken death wish.  You see, in California, while you’re doing you the car speeding towards you is like, “Stupid j-walker.  Whatever I understand,” and will stop.  In Spain, the driver sees you and is like “Stupid j-walker.  Ten points,” AND THEN SPEEDS UP.  If you’re lucky, they will come to a screeching halt approximately one centimeter from your now-paralyzed-with-fear body.  If you aren’t lucky, you die.

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indepenDANCE Club and Rastro, Madrid


I just got back from church and I almost fell asleep like five times.  I’m exhausted.  Last night was wild.  I wanted to meet up with a friend of mine from Newport who has been living in Madrid since September.  He gave me directions, and told me to take the metro.  So, about California people and public transportation…it’s sort of like a foreign language.  I was super nervous because I didn’t want to get lost, but at the same time I figured if everyone was saying it was easy I better be able to figure it out.

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Thoughts on a Subway in Madrid

Sitting on the metro.  I hope I’m on the right one.  I didn’t want to carry my journal and regretting it because now I have to use my iphone as a notetaker.  This would be a perfect time to write.

Tonight is my second night in Madrid and first night alone in Spain.  I’m not nervous.  My Spanish is better than I thought it was; it’s just the different accent and rapid speaking that makes me second guess all of my responses.  That will get easier.

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Day 1. Arriving in Madrid


Getting here was easier than getting to Italy or Brazil.  It’s just a 5-hour to Jersey and a 6.5-hour from there.  The hard part is the jetlag but I’m hoping that will be fine by tomorrow.  I lost my phone charger somewhere in NJ.  I was distracted.

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Why I Decided to Go to Canada Alone


September 17, 2013 3:00pm Central

Chicago, Illinois

I am sitting in Chicago’s airport waiting for my connection to Buffalo, New York.  Outside the window is land and sky.  From Buffalo I will go to Canada, to meet Jasmine in Toronto.  I don’t know what we will do there, but it is better than what I would be doing if I had stayed.  Maybe I can’t say that anymore.  Five days ago this was an entirely different trip, for a different end result, but I don’t want to talk about that now.

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