17 Life Lessons Learned As a Woman Hitchhiking Through Europe


First things first: English is not the universal language.  In America we grow up with this notion that the rest of the world speaks English. This is a lie.

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7 Reasons to Ditch Your Friends (and Travel Alone)

Not only do solo vacations open doors to cultural knowledge and self-discovery, but separation from the normal comforts like friends, your job, and routine leads to a greater appreciation of your life when you return. There’s no better way to reset and unwind, even if it is a little scary! So make the most of this summer by booking a flight for one and leaving your routine behind. Your friends will be there when you get back.

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Weekend in New York


I have always wanted to see New York in the summertime and I could barely sleep the night before our flight!  More than Manhattan, I was so excited to spend time on Long Island, the setting of so many of my favorite books.

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Love lock: Why We Don’t Understand Love


“But why didn’t you to Paris?” Drea asked, interrupting my long-winded tale of how I ended up walking Camino Santiago.

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Freedom in San Francisco


San Francisco is magical.  It’s almost 2am and the city is alive with artists and musicians, writers and interns, bums and kids selling scrap metal shaped into rings; there are hippies and bankers, street performers and sailors, college kids and foreigners selling hot dogs with bacon.  In their pockets flasks and money, left over powder and cigarettes, lighters and flashing cell phones and with itching hands hold the vibrancy of a chosen life.

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