Parc Guell, Barcelona – The Most Worth It View I’ve Ever Seen


After we saw the Sagrada Familia, we continued our trek through Barcelona towards Parc Guell.  Amit was the leader because his phone had the map.  One thing about Barcelona – it’s a giant hill leading up from the ocean.  One thing about Parc Guell – it’s at the top of the giant hill.  The whole time we were just thinking there’s gotta be an escalator or something.  We could see where the park sort of started, but there were just stairs on stairs leading to a wall that led to a turn that led to more stairs on stairs.  Basically we all agreed Gaudi was an asshole.

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Sagrada Familia – Barcelona is Gaudi’s Canvas


We landed in Barcelona around noon and immediately hit the city to explore.  I wanted to see Parc Guell and La Sagrada Familia, because I’ve been super curious about how one artist could legit take over an entire city.

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Casa Batllo – Skulls, Bones, and Lights


Everyone was having a siesta to get ready for the night, but I wanted to see everything I could in Barcelona.  After all, who knows when I’ll be back, and I feel like the excuse “sleep” is something that I might regret later.  Amit was down to see the Gaudi houses, so we walked from our hostel to Casa Batllo.

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Rockers Nightclub: We Partied Until the Sun Should Have Been Up


There’s this floating club called Rockerz that randomly makes appearances in other clubs to have “Friday Rock Nights.”  Andrew and his friends were going, so I decided to jump on.  The venue was pretty cool.  It’s underground with bars surrounding a huge dance floor.  The DJ was up close and personal, occasionally coming down to dance with the throngs of people rocking out around the stage.  Champagne was everywhere, the music was lively and loud, and the people were great.

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How to Score a Sandwich in Barcelona

(If you don’t want to know, don’t read it.)

Step by Step.

1.)  Go to La Rambla.  It’s located right off of Plaza Catalunya.  You can’t miss it.

2.)  Identify someone selling beer.  They sell more than beer.

3.)  Approach and inquire.  They will tell you to meet them off the main street.

4.)  Find the nearest bushes in the alley where they told you to meet.  Walk to them.

5.)  Search the bushes.  Have you ever played Zelda?  Link has to go cut bushes to find rupees.  This is the same.

6.)  Locate the sandwiches.  They will be hidden

7.)  GTFO.  Bounce before the guy gets there. 

8.)  Enjoy your sandwich.  Watch out for sandwich haters.

My experience.

I was walking back with Sora around 4am.  I desperately needed water, so we decided to combine my search for water with a hunt for sandwiches.  In our drunken states, we went up to a few people and asked if they knew where we could find any, to no avail.  Finally, some sketchy little round man came up and said he could help us.  He told us to meet us in the alley off the main street.  We watched him walk towards a potted plant in the alley square and looked around in the bushes.  Eventually, he came up on a small bag of sandwich.  We made the trade and GTFO.  In the future I’m just going to the giving bush and finding it myself.

It is much easier in Madrid.


10 Things You Should Probably Not Do in Spain.


I mean, do what you want.  But I already tried it and it didn’t turn out so great. J-walk.  You know when you’re in California and you see the crosswalk like 10 feet away and you’re like…”Yeah that’s way too far, I’m just gonna do me.”  Well, do that in Spain and it’s like an unspoken death wish.  You see, in California, while you’re doing you the car speeding towards you is like, “Stupid j-walker.  Whatever I understand,” and will stop.  In Spain, the driver sees you and is like “Stupid j-walker.  Ten points,” AND THEN SPEEDS UP.  If you’re lucky, they will come to a screeching halt approximately one centimeter from your now-paralyzed-with-fear body.  If you aren’t lucky, you die.

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