Toledo, Spain – a City in a Castle


February 2, 2014

{The sad part was that I woke up homesick because I was going to be missing my brother’s birthday and Superbowl Sunday.  I didn’t really care about the game, to be honest.  I mean, I wanted the Broncos to beat the Seahawks, but I sort of checked out two weeks ago when the Niners lost.  Regardless, I was homesick.  My family always has a party and I was missing all my cousins and brother and sister.  I woke up exhausted, and still feeling the effects of the WORST DAY EVER (link), but I was excited because there were people down to explore TOLEDO!}

To give you some background, Toledo is this cool suburb of Madrid and former capitol of Spain.  It’s this architecturally beautiful city because it’s a melting pot of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish culture. During the medieval times, Toledo was known for it’s handcrafted swords and daggers and became the leading distributor for weapons to the crown.  The city is surrounded on three sides by the Tagus River, which really helped them out in the medieval times when everyone was trying to conquer everyone else.  This allowed Toledo to become a haven for religious freedom during a time when tolerance was uncommon.

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DO Date a Girl Who Travels


(a response to

She’s the one who doesn’t think twice about hair straighteners and curling irons.  She’s content with her waves and braids.  It’s one less thing to not think about when she’s not planning her next day.  While others are getting ready for the night, she’s off seizing the day.

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On Travel.


Thoughts on Leaving.  January, 2014

When the plane takes off my body was covered with goosebumps.  There’s no going back now.  In front of me, another world is waiting.  Behind me, everything I know.  “Often one goes for one thing and finds another.”  My search for this journey: to learn to be alone.

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10 Things You Should Probably Not Do in Spain.


I mean, do what you want.  But I already tried it and it didn’t turn out so great. J-walk.  You know when you’re in California and you see the crosswalk like 10 feet away and you’re like…”Yeah that’s way too far, I’m just gonna do me.”  Well, do that in Spain and it’s like an unspoken death wish.  You see, in California, while you’re doing you the car speeding towards you is like, “Stupid j-walker.  Whatever I understand,” and will stop.  In Spain, the driver sees you and is like “Stupid j-walker.  Ten points,” AND THEN SPEEDS UP.  If you’re lucky, they will come to a screeching halt approximately one centimeter from your now-paralyzed-with-fear body.  If you aren’t lucky, you die.

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Day 1. Arriving in Madrid


Getting here was easier than getting to Italy or Brazil.  It’s just a 5-hour to Jersey and a 6.5-hour from there.  The hard part is the jetlag but I’m hoping that will be fine by tomorrow.  I lost my phone charger somewhere in NJ.  I was distracted.

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