DO Date a Girl Who Travels


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She’s the one who doesn’t think twice about hair straighteners and curling irons.  She’s content with her waves and braids.  It’s one less thing to not think about when she’s not planning her next day.  While others are getting ready for the night, she’s off seizing the day.

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Parc Guell, Barcelona – The Most Worth It View I’ve Ever Seen


After we saw the Sagrada Familia, we continued our trek through Barcelona towards Parc Guell.  Amit was the leader because his phone had the map.  One thing about Barcelona – it’s a giant hill leading up from the ocean.  One thing about Parc Guell – it’s at the top of the giant hill.  The whole time we were just thinking there’s gotta be an escalator or something.  We could see where the park sort of started, but there were just stairs on stairs leading to a wall that led to a turn that led to more stairs on stairs.  Basically we all agreed Gaudi was an asshole.

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