Bikram’s Yoga: A Review


To get my Yoga Teacher Trainer Certificate, I have to go take all sorts of different yoga classes. This is the first post in a series I’m writing where I will be attending tons of different yoga schools and blogging about the experience.

Oxford Dictionary definition: A type of hatha yoga characterized by a set series of postures and breathing exercises, performed in a room heated to a very high temperature.

My definition: a series of 26 postures, performed twice in sweltering heat with 90% humidity for 90 minutes. That basically means that when you finish one set and you’re like, holy crap I’m so glad I didn’t just die in that pose, the instructor is like “Second set!” And you’re like, fml.

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5 Basic Acro Yoga Poses You Can Do Today

This long weekend was the best! On Saturday I went out to Newport Beach to watch the Warriors annihilate the Rockets and enjoy a few pre-memorial day drinks before heading home to sleep in preparation for Sunday’s yoga binge.

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