What Is “Lunch Shaming” & Why It’s A Huge Issue In America Right Now

tumblr_n3n4hsndra1rfwfq9o1_1280-970x450There are a few feelings worse than having to deny your children something that they want, but being unable to give your children what they need is one of them. For hundreds of thousands of parents living in the US, that feeling is experienced every single day, when they can’t afford to give their children money to buy food at lunch…READ MORE

We’re Fighting Zika, But Killing Millions Of Bees At The Same Time


Earlier this month, an elderly man in Salt Lake City died after contracting the Zika virus, making it the first Zika-caused death in the United States. The Zika virus, which is most commonly transmitted through mosquito bites, has been making headlines for well over a year now, and has sent the Center of Disease Control on a mission to not only…READ MORE…