Make Avocados Last Longer


To me, avocado is the bacon of fruits: everything tastes better with avocado! But seriously, how fast do these things go bad? I decided to conduct a little experiment to find the best way to keep avocados fresh after they’ve been cut.  

Remember, avocados that are slightly brown can technically be eaten; but they are generally bitter compared to a ripe avocado. In this case, I recommend cutting off and discarding the bruised sections or brown layers and using whatever is left for cooking or eating. If the avocado flesh is dark brown or stringy you should avoid eating it entirely. Additionally, avocados should not be left at room temperature for more than a few hours at most. Cut avocados left out overnight should always be thrown away.

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Narendra Modi Encompasses Native Spiritualism and Cultural Traditions in Politics


Modi’s emphasis is on a cleaner India, villages rather than the capitol, and honest work. These simple truths make him a true for-the-people politician.

He is currently focused on building toilets in small villages, breaking down caste based stereotypes, and encouraging the youth of India to take an active responsibility for their country. He is especially eager to create trust between India and other countries. He is establishing India as an up in coming country, a country with the potential for economic success, and a country to be proud of.

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Why the Universe Doesn’t Want me to Fade into Normality – a True Story.

When I was an intern at LAO, my bosses and I used to argue about what day is the worst day. We agreed saying Monday is overrated – you still have the buzz from the weekend, everyone spends most of the morning talking and catching up, and then you basically go home and try to cure the leftover hangover. I argued it was Tuesdays, but my bosses Liz and Mitch shot me down – saying Taco Tuesdayis enough to make up for Tuesdays to be bad. They said it was Wednesday, but I said that Wine Wednesdays was enough, and once you’re over Wednesday you’re at Thursday. Thursdays were always good. You have an obligation to crush work so that you don’t have to work on Friday, leading to an always-fun-Thursday-rager. This brings us into Friday, a day of donuts, long lunches, and minimal actual work.

That being said, I still think it’s Tuesday.

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7 Reasons to Ditch Your Friends (and Travel Alone)

Not only do solo vacations open doors to cultural knowledge and self-discovery, but separation from the normal comforts like friends, your job, and routine leads to a greater appreciation of your life when you return. There’s no better way to reset and unwind, even if it is a little scary! So make the most of this summer by booking a flight for one and leaving your routine behind. Your friends will be there when you get back.

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On Relationship Virgins (and Why You Should Date One)

When my ex and I broke up last summer I made an sporadic decision to take three months off from life and travel Europe.  I had a few months to plan and only one rule for myself while I waited for my trip: no dating.  I told my friends it was because I didn’t want to rebound, but the truth is I was terrified of relationships.  The breakup itself wasn’t bad; it was the many months leading up to it that had me flat out determined to not get tangled up anytime soon.

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