Eat More and Lose Weight??

The way to a healthier body is NOT through calorie-cutting and cardio. Learn how to make healthy nutrition choices your body will love without killing your metabolism dieting.

Let me tell you a secret. The summer before my junior year of college, I developed a serious problem. I started dating a guy who made a huge deal about my body — how much he loved it, how he loved that I was skinny. He constantly talked about his last girlfriend, who put on weight after they started dating, and he hoped that didn’t happen to me.

I started obsessing over the scale. I weighed myself every day, sometimes twice a day, and would panic at even the smallest increase. I started dieting for the first time. It started out casual — I stopped eating bread and cut out cookies from my diet. I was working out all the time, and constantly stressed.

It was never enough. I stopped eating breakfast, justifying it by saying that I was rarely hungry in the morning, and not eating until later would save me calories. If I got tired, I’d drink redbull or coffee. When I’d get home from work, I’d have a piece of cheese or toast for dinner. I lost 10 pounds in one summer, going from 135 to 120, at at 5’9″, it felt like a constant struggle to maintain.

My hair thinned and actually started falling out. I was depressed. My skin started looking (and feeling) dry and flakey. I started wearing baggie clothes to make myself feel smaller. One afternoon, my best friend sat me down and asked me if I had a problem with food.

Getting over those issues took months and, even after I had increased my calories to a whopping 1200 a day, I was still terrified of carbs and sugar. Oh, and did I mention I started gaining weight? That’s right. Even eating what I did and working out, my body had reached a plateau, and I was stuck.

Then, I discovered the best secret ever: a diet plan that lets you lose weight and eat more. 

It’s called REVERSE DIETING, a method used by body builders to train their metabolisms and change their body composition, and anyone can do it.

Reverse dieting is a technique in which you slowly increase your calories week-by-week, strategically speeding up your metabolism and allowing your body to release the fat it stores up while in starvation mode from dieting (or carb-cutting!).

Now this doesn’t mean you can just start eating ice cream by the carton and calling it healthy! Trust me, do that after long-term dieting and you’ll be pretty sad the next time you step on your scale. Instead, you increase slowly, around 100 calories a week, depending on your average macros, activity level and body type.

When I started, I increased my calories by 100 per day, and a week later, I had lost two pounds. One month later, I was eating 350 more calories per day and had lost 5 pounds. That’s over a pound lost per week while eating more!

If you want help on getting started with reverse dieting, shoot me a note using the form below! I’d love to get in touch and show you how to change your life.


If you want to chat more about this, shoot me a note below!

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