10 Life Lessons From The Walking Dead


1. Exercise is important. Rule number 1: cardio; and that’s no joke.

2. Double-check your work. You thought the zombie was dead? Bad news. You’re dead now too.3. Always bring a spare.  Do you want to know when zombies will attack? About 14 seconds after someone asks if you have a spare.4. Basic first aid is important. You don’t want to beat out the zombies and then choke on a grape. What a waste.

5. Drink more water. You can run 7 percent faster when hydrated, so get into the habit now, just in case.

6. Don’t waste time with false-friends. Besides, if zombies attacked they’d probably shoot you in the leg.

7. Know how to read a map. Bad news: Google maps probably won’t work in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

8. Technology is not fail-proof. Learn to live without it. Siri won’t answer questions during a zombie outbreak.

9. Learn how to cook. You want to know where the zombies will go first? McDonalds. Learn to make your own burgers.

10. Always, always, always, keep moving forward. If you stand still for too long, you die. Keep moving forward.

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