On Relationship Virgins (and Why You Should Date One)

When my ex and I broke up last summer I made an sporadic decision to take three months off from life and travel Europe.  I had a few months to plan and only one rule for myself while I waited for my trip: no dating.  I told my friends it was because I didn’t want to rebound, but the truth is I was terrified of relationships.  The breakup itself wasn’t bad; it was the many months leading up to it that had me flat out determined to not get tangled up anytime soon.

Instead, I started to focus on yoga, meditation, and positive thoughts, which kept me happy and gave me the energy I needed to be active and open.  I reconnected with old friends, met new groups of people and was eventually introduced to a “type” I had never encountered before: a relationship virgin. I was totally intrigued and lately I’ve been noticing a crazy increase in guys coined as “relationship virgins” (it’s even been featured in Cosmo!).

And like, sure.  His idea of a compromise is hanging with his friends while you “do your thing,” and good luck creepin him on Facebook, but there’s something pretty awesome about a guy who doesn’t need someone to take care of him.  Don’t you think?

Basically what I’m saying is: relationship virgins are totally datable. Need convincing?

Read about it here!

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