Getaway Weekend to the ACE Hotel and Swim Club

It’s been three years since graduating college and entering into “real life.”  Nothing’s really changed: Stephanie joined the corporate world and started crushing professional life, Justine got herself married and moved to NorCal, and I found freelancing to be one of the most time-consuming jobs in the world.  Okay, I lied.  Everything’s changed since the three of us were playing hippie on the Newport Beach peninsula, only worried about making it to class the next day or some paper due by midnight.  Needless to say, it’s time to start a yearly getaway with the girls.  This year we chose the ACE Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs for a weekend escape.

We chose this hotel for lots of reasons: it’s close to downtown (you can even rent bikes for free if you don’t want to drive!), it’s super nature-inspired (stargazing section?! yes please!), it has yoga classes on Saturdays (I was sold at this one), AND it has an awesome day club on Saturdays with bomb drinks, live music, and two pools.  The second we arrived we knew we chose the right place.


Our room was crisp and zen with white linens, chill art, and some awesomely awkward robes to unwind in from the drive.


We immediately hit the pool because it was close to infinity degrees even so late in the afternoon.  The pool was awesome, and it definitely attracted all the right people.


The next day we hit the day club and then went out to wander the thrift stores in downtown Palm Springs.  We made a detour when we found this place.  Yes, that’s a donut on my milkshake.


That night we went out for a dinner and drinks.  Let me tell you, there’s no shortage of people having fun in Palm Springs.  I’m talking anyone and everyone from bachelorette parties to 50 year reunions all raging in streets.  It was slightly unreal.  When we got back to the hotel the pool was calling our name so we went to the hottub and met the most interesting character: the ex-husband of Christina Perry who is a self-proclaimed psychic, musician, and life coach. He spent quite some time giving us advice on the “real world” before finding out we are already out of college.  The psychic part remains unconfirmed.

I was so sad to leave on Sunday, but we had to get back to reality.  It was so needed to have a weekend without responsibilities, everyday stresses, and social obligations and it couldn’t have been with better company or a better location.  I can’t wait to go back!

Also, you’re never too old to climb the ACE sign.


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