Casa Batllo – Skulls, Bones, and Lights


Everyone was having a siesta to get ready for the night, but I wanted to see everything I could in Barcelona.  After all, who knows when I’ll be back, and I feel like the excuse “sleep” is something that I might regret later.  Amit was down to see the Gaudi houses, so we walked from our hostel to Casa Batllo.

Casa Battlo isn’t really what I’d call a house.  It’s more of a huge building that looks like it’s made of bones.  The balconies are in the shape of skulls and the pillars look like something found in a dinosaur graveyard.  Each turret and balcony was a different aquatic and coral color.  It was an amazing sight, especially because it’s just right in the middle of the city.  It felt like Christmas time with all of the spectacular lighting and over the top decorations; or maybe like a postcard from someone’s imagination.

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