Rockers Nightclub: We Partied Until the Sun Should Have Been Up


There’s this floating club called Rockerz that randomly makes appearances in other clubs to have “Friday Rock Nights.”  Andrew and his friends were going, so I decided to jump on.  The venue was pretty cool.  It’s underground with bars surrounding a huge dance floor.  The DJ was up close and personal, occasionally coming down to dance with the throngs of people rocking out around the stage.  Champagne was everywhere, the music was lively and loud, and the people were great.

The cover was 12 euro but it came with two drinks.  Note to self for next time – just because you have two drink tickets doesn’t mean you have to order two cups of vodka.  You are allowed to order one drink and one water.

The club raged hard until around 5:45, when people starting coming to their senses and realized they needed to get to a metro before they passed out.  The alleyway outside the club was packed with hilarious people, Indians selling hotdogs and beer, and clouds of cigarette smoke.  All in all, a great time.  If you’re in Madrid check it out!

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