How to Score a Sandwich in Madrid.

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How to score a sandwich in Madrid.  

(If you don’t want to know, don’t read it.)

Step by Step.

1.)  Go to calle lavapies.  It’s located in the centro near the street of Indian food.

2.)  Identify an African.  My recommendation: choose one who is alone

3.)  Make direct eye contact.  My recommendation: smile so that he knows you aren’t a sketchball.

4.)  Nod and wait approximately 5 seconds.  If done correctly, you should be approached and asked “sandwich?”  If you are not approached within 5 seconds, move on to another African and repeat steps 3 and 4.

5.)  Say yes. Remember to be friendly.  People are only as sketch as you think they are.  (I hope this is not wrong)

6.)  Haggle.  Don’t agree to the first price.  If he wants to charge you 20 Euro for a sandwich, you are going to look like a tourist fool to take it.  Say 10.  If he says no.  Say no and repeat steps 2-6.

7.)  Enjoy your sandwich.  Watch out for sandwich haters.


My experience.

When I was walking back from the club around 5am on Saturday, there was a big group dancing to regaton on the sidewalk.  One of the guys grabbed my hand to dance and I joined in.  My friend told me that you can score a sandwich from just about any African, so I decided to test it out in daylight.  The next morning on the way to the flea market, I smiled at one guy who was looking around at the passerbys.  He immediately walked over and offered a sandwich.

And you thought it was easy in Cali.

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