First Thoughts in Toronto, Canada

We are getting to Toronto by bus. By car it would be a quick trip, but we are taking a bus to the subway – trip time 2 hours. We got a late start, because Noor’s family was so excited for us to go.

I think she is embarrassed that she does not have a car, but she doesn’t realize that no one would have cared if she would just stop talking about how quick it would be if she did. The trip would have felt quick if we had just talked as if we were in a car, instead of giving us a “5 more minutes” every stop. It has yet to be 5 minutes.

She won’t stop talking and jasmine is getting annoyed. It’s funny watching to be honest, because Noor senses the awkwardness and it makes her talk more, and Jasmine gets more annoyed. It is 240pm.

All she does is talk. English punjabi nonsense more punjabi more English talks talks talks. Jasmine said to have patience. She doesn’t have friends and this is her first interaction with people aside from her family and boss since December. At first I thought I would go insane, but to be honest it’s easy to get used to. I’m here, after all, to be in a different place than I am in my normal life. And not being the one constantly talking definitely works.

When we arrived in Toronto I quickly realized that Canadians are not the nicest people in the world. Au contraire in fact. They remind me of an even meaner New Yorker. Or if a New Yorker mixed with the Frenchies. Jasmine said they are rude to Indian people here in general. They don’t like immigrants. It makes me angry.

I miss California, but I like the way it feels. I like missing where I used to be, because I won’t be there much later. I can’t stay in Newport Beach, my cozy, lazy beach town. This is what I realized in Toronto.

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