People Who Live in Sao Paulo, Brasil

rio favel

August 13 – 11:24m SP time

Had my first day of classes today.  They went really well!

The first girl, Fabiana is trying to get a job and learns English.  I teach her every day.  My second class was in a beautiful high rise apartment.  The view was amazing.  She is a lawyer and newlywed.  My third class was with a girl who is 24.  She designs jewelry.  Her best friend is actually Mariana’s cousin.  So after I try to teach her class (she doesn’t know much English yet) she told me she would introduce me to her friends.  They are all so nice.  One of them looked just like Holly.  That girl went to North Carolina for all of college so she is completely fluent in English.  It was super fun…oh they are also just like my friends.  Yeah.  That’s right.  I tried a Braziliian sandwich.  Two bites and I was full.

It was a really good day.  I am going to sleep now because I have class at 7am tomorrow….yikes.  I teach 5 hours tomorrow I think.

I really miss Nick.  We just skyped and I miss him even more.  Everyone who I tell has a boyfriend is so surprised.  They are like “And he let you come to Brazil?? Does he know??” And it’s like….”umm…know what??” and they say Brazilian men are just this and that…gatos they say.  It means cat literally, but it also means a beautiful man I guess.  They don’t get that it’s their reaction that makes Nick even more perfect.  Because they are right.  Most guys would never let their girlfriends do stuff like this, but Nick always does.  He never questions me.  He trusts me.  I love that outta him!!!

More later!

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