6ix Park and Folley Wines

This past Thursday, Foley Winery and 6ix Park Grill at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine uncorked Foley Winery’s 2006 Chardonnay in celebration of California Wine Month.  Hosted on the patio of the restaurant, the mixer brought together businessmen and women from the surrounding areas, wine connoisseurs, and locals alike.  The décor is evident of the Hyatt’s newly revamped “California Coastal” theme.   There is a cozy fire burning in the center of the veranda, where guests have the opportunity to enjoy handcrafted cocktails, order appetizers, or create their own smores.  That’s right!  6ix Park Grill guests can request to have graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows brought outside, where they can toast and create their own desserts next to a warm fire.

“The Hyatt Regency in Irvine is doing something unique here,” says local businesswoman Connie Davis, “These mixers give people the ability to meet other locals in the area in a relaxed environment. Plus the Chef is awesome!”  She couldn’t have been more right on [that].  Chef Ted Hill has a unique vision in the kitchen, and one he and his staff were eager to share.  “Everything is Pacific Coast,” said Director of Food and Beverage Don Hanson with enthusiasm, “We showcase dishes made from locally grown produce and fresh cut meats.  Why waste the energy transporting food from across the country when we have such a great selection right here in California?  It adds to the freshness of the product and gives back to our community.  Win win situation for everyone!”

The 6ix park grill is one of many dining options at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine.  Chef Ted Hill is especially proud of the wood fire grill, where prime cuts, seafood, and fresh produce are grilled to perfection.  Showcasing dishes such as loch Duarte grilled salmon with an herb quinoa, pearl vegetables, and raspberry coulis and natural top sirloins with barley risotto, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes with demi-glace, guests are guaranteed to leave feeling more than satisfied.  can enjoy handcrafted cocktails from the bar, featuring fresh juices and local venders.  For dessert, a goat cheesecake with fresh berries, or a lava cake with freshly made whipped cream.  Looking for a cocktail after a long day?  My favorite was the Ultimate Napa Crush, a delicious blend of Ultimate Vodka, fresh muddled grapes, basil, and lemon juice served over ice, is a personal favorite of Director Don Hanson and Chef Ted Hill. “The bartender and chef are given a lot of creative liberty.  We want them to have fun with it, be able to let their passion come through in the food and drinks.  It makes everything much more enjoyable for everyone.”

Dinner showcased local free range chicken breast and natural top sirloin.

These personally crafted meals showcase both the talent and enthusiasm of the chef.

Guests could not stop raving about Foley’s 2006 Chardonnay, which was incorporated in a variety of appetizers and cocktails.  A personal favorite was Chef Hill’s newest creation, oyster shooters: a blend of chardonnay, tequila, Tobasco sauce, olive juice, with an oyster bomb.  The featured cocktails were also inspired by Foley Winery’s chardonnay: sangria with a chardonnay base, vodka, and a variety of fresh squeezed fruit juices.  The chardonnay itself is a mix of two chardonnays: one aged in a steal barrel and the other aged in oak.  A 93 rating for the wine enthusiast, this chardonnay is a flavorful blend of vanilla, peaches, pepper, and marshmallow with a light lemony finish.  “Foley is a widely recognized California wine and known for their great chardonnay.  It was an easy choice,” quotes Hanson.  “Next month, the Hyatt will celebrate Oktoberfest with local brewing company Karl Strauss.  It’s always a lot of fun to host and promote our neighbors.”


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