Getting Home Part 2

9:00 AM, Italy Time

My nutella trick didn’t work.   WTH.  I still can’t believe that.  I need to work on my booby trap skills.

So after getting back I fell “asleep.” I woke up at 6 in Naples, then at 7 we got to Termini station in Rome.  I ate a muffin and proceeded to run to the Leonardo Express.  It was way easier than arriving.  At least my Italian can get me directions now.

Got to the airport at 8:30, started wondering where the hell I was.  Decided not to panic.  Decided I was way too tired to panic.

Found a guy who looked American.  Guess what?  He was totally American.  He was a pilot and decided to help me find Delta.  Also, he told the people I was having contact issues and now I have an escort for my blindness.  Yes, blindness.  I get to cut all the lines and skip customs.  Also, novone took my illegal shit out of my bad.  Probably cuz I’m blind.  And that’s just mean to mess with a blind person.


I just read through my notes from arriving to now and I can’t believe how hard I thought it was. Slash why I was so bugged by stuff!  Slightly embarrassing now, to be honest.  Maybe it’s the special assistance thing making it better this time.  But sort of doubt it.  Things just got so much easier…after I let go of pretty much all expectations of how to survive.

Also. I’M GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once back in the US it’ll be all first things first: peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a fat milkshake.  just kidding.  Back to my family.  

Home is where my family is.

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