Working With Others

July 2, 2011, 6:55 PM

The bedroom, after the most exhausting Saturday ever.

So last night Susan wanted to go out. Bad. “It’s a Friday, it’s a Friday.” All I wanted to do was get a glass of wine and go sit somewhere, but no: we were going to DÉJÀ VU.  I told Germane and she agreed to come with us.  I was so tired I couldn’t even talk to anyone.  Not that I wanted to though. To be honest I’ve never felt less into trying to talk to guys. I’m not really sure why, but I have absolutely no interest in being all flirty. I’m really over it.

We stayed til around 2am and then went back.  Susan wanted to meet up at 9:45 am and I wanted to sleep in.  But, because she wanted to, we did.  Good thing I woke up though, because I got to talk to my mom on skype. Finally.

So. We started the day at Bam Bar which claims to have the best granita in all of Sicily. Granita is the “typical Sicilian breakfast” and consists of fresh cream, some flavored slushy stuff (I got coffee and Susan got strawberry), and topped with more fresh cream.  You dip this sweet delicious warm bread called breosh (definitely not spelling that correctly) in it and it creates something similar to ecstasy in your mouth.  It was seriously the most delicious thing I have ever had.  Better than gelato.  Yeah, I said it.

Germane had recommended we take a bus to a city about 20 minutes away to visit a market that a lot of locals go to.  After missing two busses we finally figured it out.  It is about 11:45am.  I told Susan we should sit in the front, so we could ask where the stop was, but Susan, being the intelligent person she is, decided we should sit in the back.  About 30 minutes later I informed Susan that I believe we passed it.  She decided to ask the bus driver who didn’t speak English and then make an interpretation based on his confusion.  Yeah.  I know.  An hour later I looked around and realized we were in Catania, a city similar to San Francisco.  I got excited and said we should visit Catania instead.  Susan refused, because she wanted to go to the market to buy clothes.  It was about 1pm at this point and I told her the chances of the market even being open were slim, because of siesta.  No, no, she insisted, it will definitely be open.

A 10 euro bus drive later we arrived at a completely deserted city.  I tried not to kill her as we began our walk towards “town.”  We found someone and asked them about the market and she told us it was closed for siesta.

Susan didn’t say anything as we ate aranchinas from a sketchy little shop (the only thing opened) and I started to laugh.  To be honest, it was still pretty epic.  Like, how many people can say they took a bus tour of all of eastern Sicily in an attempt to find a Chinese market?  Exactly.  Susan wasn’t amused though.  Not amused at all.

We grabbed another bus back to Taormina and tried to find the beach.  Not before eating a conoli gelato though.  Susan wasn’t down so I just got one because I needed one.  I have a gelato problem.  But I figured it’s okay, all things considered.  Anyway, after gelato we tried to find a beach.  After walking down what felt like infinity steps, we found ourselves at a hotel with a private beach.  Susan, being inexperienced in these types of things, tried to explain we were looking for the beach.  The hotel person told us we had to go around pretty much the entire mountain to get to the public beach.  It was NOT going to happen.  I told her that we were meeting with our friends, who were staying at the hotel and meeting us.  She said she would walk us to them.  We began and I did some quick thinking.  I told her we should probably call them, because it would probably take a long time for her to walk around with us looking for them.  She said we could use her phone and I said that’s fine and then asked her casually what the area code for England was, because we would have to call internationally. She said forget it and let us go and we ended up at the super exclusive private beach club Isobella.  Yeah.  I know.  It’s a gift.

We laid out for a while and then walked up another infinity stairs to meet up with Germane, who pretty much talked shit for like 30 minutes about how easy Taormina is and how she can’t believe how often we are lost.  Whatever though.  To be honest, it was really nice getting lost in Sicily, covered in sweat and humidity.  I don’t do that sort of thing in California.  There everything is normal and routine.  I would drive to these places using my GPS, or call my mom all upset and ask her to mapquest it for me.  It was sort of nice not being able to do that, to just accept we were lost and move forward from there, knowing we would eventually figure it out.

I am exhausted now and I really hope Germane is down to just do something chill tonight.  I’m going to try to take a nap before walking back down to the shop at 8:45.  Thinking of my family and missing them.

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