Things To Do When Back in USA

June 30, 2011, 7:04 PM, Italy time

My room, waiting to go to a dinner with the host fam at 9pm

THEY EAT WAY TOO LATE HERE.  Good thing I ate like 2000 calories of gelado and cookies after work.  I can’t wait until 5pm on Friday so I can relax!!  I feel in full force here now and super ready for the weekend.

I have composed a short list of things I want to do when I get back to Norcal and Newport:


1.       Kiss the disgusting bum germ infested ground

2.       See Harry Potter

3.       Eat Mcdonalds/TacoBell/In and Out

4.       Meet nutmeg

5.       Yoga. Immediately.

6.       Lay out in sun that isn’t wet

7.       Play with bolt for 1004242149 hours

8.       Kill jean for her stupid dramatic facebook messages involving waiting outside of hospitals and then logging off when it’s for no reason. So.infurating.

9.        Go to the gym every day to work off the millions of canolis I have been consuming

10.   Family family family

11.   Drink a million gallons of wine

12.   Speak English. Alot


1.       Kiss the ground.

2.       Jump into the pacific ocean. I don’t even care if it’s hot or cold. I’m going to jump in and I am going to like it.

3.       Phiomega42ndstreeteverywhereelseofimportance RUN AROUND TOWN

4.       Yogaworks!!!!!

5.       Lay on a patio and not worry about mosquitos eating me alive

6.       Cuddle with ray.

7.       Make a very loud entrance into malarkys. Just to make sure I still can. And then leave.

8.       Eat a 6 dollar yogurtland. With extra cheesecake bits.

9.       Volleyball. Volleyball. Volleyball.

10.   Watch game of thrones finale

11.   See Harry Potter again

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