falling in love

July 3, 2011, 7:30 PM Italy time

Spent entire day at the beach.  I mean entire day.  Felt so good.  I think I am falling in love with Italy.  I feel like I am learning how to not be…hmm, I’m not really sure actually.  It’s sort of hard to explain.  I have a routine here.  I pray more.  I enjoy things more.  I think and observe without judgment.   I sort of like it.  I think I will miss Taormina.

Tomorrow is 4th of July and I’m missing friends and family.  I will be spending it at a surprise birthday of my Germana’s brother in law.  The party is at the “country house;” no idea what that means but sounds cool.  Apparently I will be eating every Sicilian specialty possible.  Super excited.

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