Homesick Part 2

June 24, 2011, 2:25 PM, Italy time

The bungalow

I feel homesick again and I wish I had internet to look up flights home.  Not that I would book a flight home, but I like the idea of looking at them.  August seems like a very long ways away and I feel sort of sad and wish I was in Newport right now.  I know that sounds super dumb because I’m in Italy, but I like the Pacific Ocean better than the Tyrannian Sea.  And that’s the point of travelling right?  To go and experience the world in contrast to how you normally live?  Well, Pasteum is nice, but the ocean feels like bath water and there aren’t any waves.  So you just stand there, in warm water, when its infinity degrees outside.

Also, I miss being able to call my family and hang out with my friends.  Everyone here is so nice, but no one knows me and it’s exhausting having to go through formalities every day.  I want a night in Newport with everyone, and then a patio day to follow, even if it’s super awkward and I can’t even tan because I’m too distracted.

I think I’m probably just tired and exhausted from orientation.  My friend Ricky from Florida and I are going to go look at a church when we get let off and then I’m going to attempt to go for a run or a walk or anything to be alone for a little bit.  Then tomorrow train for 6 hours to Sicily.

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