What the Hell Day is it??

June 24, 2011, 5:50 PM…Italy time…actually it is June 24…I just found out for all of these I am behind one day…or am I…I am so confused.

The bungalow

I was asked to do an interview that was going to represent ACLE for next year…they asked me to describe my orientation in one word…is it weird I wanted to say “FAN-F***KIN-TASTIC!”  Yeah, first thing that came to my head.  Then I remembered how stupid that girl was…and I picked “exhilarating.”  Good luck Voldemort, she’s an idiot.

I’m still tripping out about what day it is, by the way.  It is Friday.  Someone please tell me what day it is.  WAIT, WTF My birthday was on Friday June 17…so it is definitely the 24th right now.  Nevermind, crisis averted.

Bungalow mates

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