Facts On People Around the World (Based on Real Observations)

Entirely true facts about people from other countries.

  1. British humor=best humor, but Welch humor=jerk humor
  2. The mosquito always wins
  3. Canadians say “ay” the way Americans say “right.”  However, a Canadian will assimilate to say “right” instead of “ay” with the right encouragement
  4. Irish people speak Gaelic.  They get surprised when people have no idea they have a native language that isn’t English.
  5. Scottish guys are snarky.  They think Celtics are cooler than the Greeks and they think Americans set themselves up for jokes and are easily offended.  One also is going to get pelted with a water balloon soon.
  6. When people in their 20’s are treated like they are at a camp in order to demonstrate how a camp is run, they will naturally act like 5 year olds.  It is weird.  You want to see how kids act?  Give us water balloons.  I’m pretty sure this could be a sociological experiment.
  7. For every weirdass guy, there is a weirdass girl down for him.
  8. “Uni” means “college” in British
  9. “At the weekend” is proper English in Ireland and Britain.
  10. Irish and British people should not be allowed to teach English.
  11. The third stall is not really a bathroom.  It is a hole in the ground with a button that flushes water through it.  The third stall should be avoided at all cost.  However, if you want to feel like you are in a third world country, or maybe some sort of weird jungle adventure, by all means, use the third stall.
  12. “Have got” in Britain is correct English.
  13. I am sincerely concerned that I will end up talking like an idiot when I come back.  I give all people permission in writing to slap me if I use phrases like this upon my return.

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