Hera’s Temple, Paestum, Italy

Bungalow, Pasteum, formally known as “Place for Poseidon”

Today was jammed pack!  In the morning, we all woke up super late because of last night…


So, my bungalow mates and I all went out to explore.  We ended up meeting up three Italian guys who were around our age.  The communication barrier was hilarious.  They didn’t speak any English!  Luckily, Anna, the girl I share a room with, speaks Italian pretty well because she’s been living here a few months.   Best part: I GOT TO RIDE ON THE BACK OF A VESPA!  Only for a few minutes, but it was on my checklist…so…CHECK.

We might all meet up for gelato tomorrow night too!  New friends J

Today, the ACLE director came and talked to us about the importance of education.  It was pretty inspiring and it made me really want to do a good job teaching.  After our teaching classes we went to the Greek temples.  It was the most amazing experience!  The temples were built in 500 BC.  Apparently Pasteum was a city dedicated to the god Poseidon when the Greeks landed here 2,500 years ago.  The temples are the best preserved in all of Italy.

We were able to walk around and explore the ruined town.  There was an old Greek theatre and we climbed onto the old seats, walked around the dwellings, and I got to climb onto an ancient Greek water heating system!  In other words, I sat where like…some ancient Athena type sat.  Yea.  It’s real.

Dinner now and thank goodness because I am STARVING.  But I am so over pasta.  It’s all delicious.  But like, I need to like…eat a salad or something.  I’ve never felt so large in my entire life.  And I’m way too lazy to run.

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