The Awesome World-Travelers Sharing the Bungalow

In the bungalow, acting like fools. These are the fools I am with.

So. My bungalow is the best bungalow

Here is a brief description in between our photo session:

There is Glasia from Ohio, USA. This girl packed her entire life in two suitcases. It is great. Wanna know why? She didn’t forget anything.

Kristen from Windsor, Canada. She talks like Cinderella. And she has had crappy boyfriends. It is awesome because she has a lot of stories. And she is down to mingle.

Anna from Adelaide, South Australia. This girl is freaking awesome because she speaks Italian (other reasons too, obviously, but the Italian thing is clutch).

Lianna from Toronto, Canada. She appreciates chins. And wine. Nuff said.

So, we basically have the best bungalow. I’d write more but I probably have to wait in case this is being read or something. But pretty much we are all having a photo session right now in our bungalow, contemplating gelato and talking about Wednesday at 10pm. You’ll find out why if we don’t all die. Oh yeah, and we all suck at music trivia. Big time. There’s like 90 awesome people here, but I definitely lucked out bungalow wise. Things that are happening right now: people jumping in jumpers, wait, scratch that, two people now. Two people talking about getting gelato right now (I’m obviously one of them), BRB actually. I won and gelato calls. Back from gelato. It is now 11:43 pm. Lianna and I had to get gelato twice. What does this mean? THE FIRST ONE SUCKED. It was chewy. Yeah, chewy. We should have known. The lady was mean and it was super American inside. Damn. Whatever, we made up for it when we found another gelato place like, one block away. Now I am full and content.

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