8 Things I Learned About Other Cultures By Eating Breakfast with Them

June 21, 2011, 2pm

Things I am realizing while eating breakfast with people from different countries (clearly biased, but still weird)

  1. British people need butter.  Always.  They do not like the idea of not having it.  Even if there is no bread.
  2. Clearly Americans and Australians are the only ones who have boxed milk.  Boxed milk confuses British people.  Also, they do not like admitting they don’t know how to open it, so they stare at it for a long time until someone offers help.  This is weird to me.
  3. Irish people can’t pronounce “th” so they say “TURSDAYS” instead of “Thursdays.”  Luckily, they do not get offended when you have no idea what the heck they said.
  4. If you are in the greek system at ANY UC, you will have mutual friends.  This was an awesome realization.  Malarkys plus UCLA greek system = knowledge of same people.  Odd.  Gotta love Malarkys.  I wish I knew how to tag in this.
  5. There are snakes in Paestum.  British people and Americans hate snakes more than Australians and New Zealingings.
  6. British and Irish people can’t play football.  Not even a little.  They don’t understand the concept.  It upsets them.
  7. Americans can’t play rugby.  They are, however, completely okay with it.
  8. Canadians…pretty much…aren’t good at rugby or football.  They think we are funny and talk about hockey way too much.

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