Somewhere Over States and Ocean

June 18, 2011, 1:37 AM, PST

Somewhere dark in the sky

 I don’t know if it’s the Relaxation pills I popped a few hours ago or if it was my uncomfortable 30 minute power nap or the fact that this plane has bottomless snacks (I love snacks) but I feel a little bit better.  I’m almost excited; not quite excited, but in that weird I’m not going to puke right now but still not jubilant or anything state.  You know the one.  I wish this plane had internet, because I hate not being able to upload these until after the time.  This is my first attempt at blogging, but I’m pretty sure having just paragraphs of writing is boring.  Not my fault though, I’ll attempt to do some picture uploading when I figure out how to charge my phone in a European outlet (globalization step 1 really should have been standardizing plugs).

So…it’s 1:45 am and they just brought us hot towels again…does that mean they are feeding us again?  I’m not even hungry and I hate plane food but there is NOTHING else to do.  I watched Burlesque and spent 30 minutes contemplating a life in Vegas, but I ran out of plot lines and decided to write more.

I definitely smell toast. Also, I have not slept in over 28 hours at this point.  I technically napped I guess, but that stuff does NOT count at this point. I feel loopy.  Guess that’s what happens when 4:30 AM comes around and you are still in an elaborate conversation about Harry Potter even though the alarm is set for 7 am.  I would love to sleep now, but I smell toast and now I want toast.  And my neck doesn’t bend the way it needs to in order to fall asleep on this chair of hell.

I don’t get the time change at this point.  We are supposed to arrive in Amsterdam at 12:30pm, so that means PST would be 3:30am…so in theory, shouldn’t it be light outside?  Because we must be getting close?  I’m sort of confused.  Oh wait, it’s because we are FLYING OVER THE FREAKING ARCTIC right now.  It is negative 60 degrees outside at last check.  I mean, I could be completely wrong but that’s my guess as to why we are supposed to be afternoon in 2 hours yet it is still pitch black.  These are the things I contemplate when delirious on the longest flight ever.

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