Layover in Rome, Italy – The First Adventure

June 18, 2011, 11:02pm Italy time

Some hostile living room thing

Getting off of the plane in Rome was crazy.  Want to know why?  Oh yeah, because no one speaks English.  I will NEVER be rude to someone who doesn’t speak English ever again.  (Unless they go to UCI, because really, how the hell did you get in?)  I flirted with some random fool and gave him a fake name and number so he would tell me how to get to Via Viceste, which is where the cafe I was supposed to meet up with some people was.  Now that was nuts.  I took a train and then I went on foot through the streets of Rome, with a mondo sized backpack, a purse, and a fat rolling suitcase.  It was getting dark so I tried to call my family.  Guess what?  No one answered.  My family has this weird way of never answering the phone ever.  So after literally dialing every aunt/house phone in my phone book multiple times, I had a nervous breakdown in the streets of Rome.  This hood guy tried to talk to me but it was sort of like when Peewee Herman was missing his bike. Yeah. It was like that.

So I was just about to give up and I started walking when I heard ENGLISH!!!!! It was the best sound ever.  I met these two south African guys who looked a little younger than me and they agreed to help me find a hostile.  On the way I heard someone shout my name and the people I was going to meet up with came towards me!  They had apparently gotten lost on the way.

Alysse, a girl I will be tutoring with, had a hostile for the night so I am staying with her.  It is the smallest thing ever (pictures soon!).  I have to duck in the room because the ceiling is only 5’7”.

Tomorrow we are going to make our way to Napoli, and then to Paestum!


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